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Buying a watch? Here's what to look out for

Thinking about buying a watch? Buying a vintage, or pre owned watch is becoming increasingly popular. Stylish high-end watches retain their value, and are often bought as an investment. Whether a wristwatch becomes more valuable is hard to say, but almost always vintage watches of this level retain their value.

Whether you are buying a watch as an investment, or just to wear, a bad buy is always a waste! We give you the right tips here to make sure you can enjoy your purchase as long as possible.

Buying a vintage watch: distinguish the real thing from the replica!

Buying a vintage watch is often quite an investment. Despite prices being a lot lower than new watches, a nice high-end vintage wristwatch is not cheap. This makes the market attractive to scammers, making it even more important for your purchase to buy a nice authentic quality watch.

We offer some important tips.

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What counterfeit models exist?

Every watch brand is counterfeited, no surprise there. Therefore, do thorough research, especially on the counterfeit models. If you already have a specific model in mind that you want to purchase, you can find a lot online about the specific details of the replicas. Of course, you can also find a lot of information about the original watch.

Who are you buying the watch from?

Always find out carefully who you are buying your future vintage watch from. When it seems too good to be true, it usually is so don't be easily tempted. A reputable seller is often distinguished by either authenticity papers, and otherwise the guarantee of authenticity by an expert.

Does the watch have the proper papers?

This brings us immediately to the papers: often these are included. When they are not, Timepieces Belgium guarantees authenticity. Our experts subject each wristwatch to a strict control, so with us you are always assured of a genuine specimen.

The serial number

Almost all good watches have a serial number, often it is engraved on the case. Does the watch you want to purchase not have one? Then definitely be wary!

Buying a watch: the external features

When you want to buy a vintage watch, there are several features to look out for.

Note the following features in advance: 

  • Use of materials: does this correspond to as it should be?
  • Finish: this should of course be flawless, counterfeit sometimes lacks here
  • Luminous hands: often (not always) quality watches have luminous dots on the hands.

With these tips, you can firmly establish the initial consideration of whether you have your eye on a real watch.

If you buy your watch from Timepieces Belgium, we guarantee 100% authenticity. Our experts subject each item to an extensive check.

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