Each picture on our website showcases a specific luxury watch, showing all its details and current status, including possible wear and tear. When you select a watch for purchase, you will be guaranteed to receive the one you see in the picture.

Although we are based in Belgium, we ship worldwide. International customers receive the same 12-month warranty as domestic customers. We ship your luxury watch securely via DHL Express. Please note that the customer is responsible for any customs fees or import duties.

If you are buying a luxury watch, there is nothing more important than guaranteeing that it is an original and authentic piece. At Timepieces Belgium, we guarantee that all of our watches are authentic. Before we buy a pre-owned watch, it undergoes a rigorous verification process, including a thorough inspection and assessment by our expert team to ensure its provenance, quality, value and authenticity.

At Timepieces Belgium, each watch is sold with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty covers all mechanical defects. Theft, loss, water damage, accidents or damage due to misuse are not included. Modifications to the watch done by you or by subcontractors are excluded from the warranty. Our warranty expires as soon as a customer decides to sell the watch to a third party.

The bracelet size depends on the brand and model. Generally, bracelets are standardized to fit all adults and range between 17-20 cm for women and 19-24 cm for men.

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