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Your guide to Rolex model numbers

Rolex also engraves a 4-6 digit model number on each and every watch it produces. This marking can be found by locating the area between the lugs on the side of the case, above 12 o’clock. The Rolex model numbers tells a watch collector the type, bezel, and material of the watch.

Suppose you see 16234. This Rolex model number tells you that the watch is a Datejust, the bezel is fluted, and that the watch is made of Stainless 18K White Gold. By using the information below, you too can identify your own Rolex and determine its market value.

Rolex model numbers

Rolex Type
Submariner (no date)55 & 140
Submariner16, 166 & 168
Sea Dweller16 & 166
GMT Master16, 65, 167
GMT Master II167, 1167
Day-Date (President)65, 66, 18, 180, 182 & 183
Datejust16 & 162
Daytona Manual Wind62
Daytona Cosmograph165, 1165
Explorer II165
Oyster Perpetual10, 140, 142
Airking55 & 140
Date15 & 150
Oysterquartz Day-Date190
Yachtmaster166, 686 & 696
Midsize Oyster Perp DJ68, 682
Ladies Oyster Perpetual67, 671, 672
Ladies Date65, 69, 691 & 692
Ladies Datejust65, 69, 691 & 692
Yellow Gold Filled1
White Gold Filled2
Stainless & Yellow Gold3
Stainless w/ 18k White Gold4
Gold Shell5
14k Yellow Gold7
18k Yellow Gold8
Engine Turned1
Engine Turned2
Rotating Bezel6