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What is a pre-owned watch? 

What is a pre owned watch and why should you purchase it?

A pre-owned watch can be very interesting when it comes to exclusive brands. These watches almost always retain their value and are often timeless. Often a pre-owned watch is a lot cheaper than a brand new one.

Read all about the many benefits of pre-owned watches in this blog.

Pre-owned or vintage watches: what's the difference?

Pre-owned literally means pre-owned, and it is. Terms like pre-loved also come up from time to time, but in fact, it means that an item has had a previous owner.

With used or pre-owned watches, a distinction is made between so-called pre-owned and vintage watches. The tipping point for this is around the year 1990. If the watch was made before 1990 it is also called vintage.

When the watch was made after 1990 it is usually referred to as pre-owned watches.

Timepieces Belgium has a webshop with beautiful Rolex, Breitling and Omega watches. Most of them are pre-owned and vintage.

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Second-hand watch as an investment

Often the lower price is a reason to choose pre-owned, but with luxury and exclusive watches, this is also still a good investment. Higher-end luxury watches retain their value and may just become worth more.
Often there are limited editions or unique pieces that are timeless and not on trend.
At Timepieces Belgium, we have watchmakers who check quality and authenticity. Therefore, with us, you don't have to worry about buying a fake watch. All watches, including the pre owned ones, are 100% genuine.

Pre-owned watch as a family piece

Pre-owned watches are a good investment, but are also often used as family heirlooms. Think of a watch that has lasted for many generations as the pride of the family.
Investing in a watch is also a great gift; for example, it happens regularly that watches are bought from us as gifts for the (grand)children.
A pre-owned watch is a wonderful gift for a special event such as a birth or and graduation ceremony.

Pre-owned watches fit the vintage trend perfectly

Pre-owned watches are also, of course, ideally suited to wear. With a beautiful timeless and exclusive watch, you have a functional piece of jewelry.
The vintage look will always be in, and a beautiful timeless watch fits it perfectly.
Whether you go for a Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tudor or Cartier watch: there is always plenty of choice in the pre-owned collection, both in regular collections and limited editions. And in both pre-owned and vintage watches.