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How do we care for our watches?

rolex watch

Our watches, and therefore perhaps one of your new acquisitions, are well cared for. From checking when we buy them, to tips on what you can do to keep your watch in the best possible condition. Whether you buy the watch as an investment or to wear yourself: with the right [...]

What is a pre-owned watch? 

pre-owned watch

What is a pre-owned watch and why should you purchase it? A pre-owned watch can be very interesting when it comes to exclusive brands. This is because they almost always retain their value and are often timeless. Often a pre-owned watch is a lot cheaper than a brand new one. Read in this blog [...]

Is my Rolex genuine? Here's what you can look out for! 

is my rolex real

Is my Rolex genuine? When you spend a lot of money on a beautiful high-end watch, of course you want to be assured that you are not buying a fake watch. Characteristics of Rolex authenticity you will read in this blog to reduce the chances of a misbuy. More and more people are buying a Rolex to either wear, [...]

Buying a watch? Here's what to look out for

Rolex pepsi

Thinking about buying a watch? Buying a vintage, or pre owned watch is becoming increasingly popular. Stylish high-end watches retain their value, and are often bought as an investment. Whether a wristwatch becomes more valuable is hard to say, but almost always vintage watches of this level retain their value. Whether you buy a watch [...]